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Choosing your wedding colours is a wonderful part of planning your wedding, but it can be a difficult task.  Some brides know exactly what their colour choices are, and for some brides choosing their wedding colours is confusing and getting it right is not always as simple as one would think.

Every year Pantone releases their Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter colour trends and these colours are what you will see in the shops.  Click the button below to view/print this year’s top colours.

please note that due to the differences in monitors and printers, colours may not be exact
2012  Top  Wedding  Colours
The colours that you choose will set the style and tone for your wedding day, so it’s a good idea to consider some important factors when making your choice.

The time of year that you are getting married is an important factor to consider as Spring/Summer colours are usually lighter and Autumn/Winter colours tend to be a bit darker.

Will your wedding have a distinct theme?  Does your wedding coincide with a particular yearly event, for example if your wedding is taking place around Christmas, you may want to choose your colours accordingly to create a Christmas theme.  Perhaps your wedding is in the summer and you want to create a beach theme with your colour choices.

What mood do you want to create?  Do you prefer elegant and romantic using soft colours, or something more dramatic with more vibrant colours?

The reception venue is also something to consider when choosing your colours. Sometimes the venue already has a particular colour as part of the decor and you may want to choose your colours with this in mind.

There really isn’t a best way of making that all important decision.  Whether you use the Pantone palate or create your own trend, the choice is yours so just have fun and enjoy!

2012 Trendy Colour Combinations

Orange and Bright Pink

Pink and Black

Lilac and Purple

Light Pink and Pewter Grey

Blue and White

Red and Pale Pink

Olive Green and Yellow

Champagne and Black

Red and Orange

Green and Cream

Turquoise and Brown

Peach and Silver

Purple and Orange or Peach

Pale Pink and Coffee

Cherry Red and Bright Blue

Royal Blue and White, Pink Accents

Coffee and Light Green

Blue and Yellow