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Preparing your Guest List can be a complex task and should really be done as soon as possible.

The list is traditionally drawn up by the bride's parents, but today it is very common that the bride and groom together with both sets of parents compile the guest list.

Consider the following before you begin, whether it’s a small intimate affair or large family and friends gathering, the size of ceremony, the amount that will be attending the reception venue, and the quantity of guests is important and will have a bearing on your budget.

When planning your list, start with family first, then close friends and colleagues.  Invitations should be sent to the best man, the bride's attendants, and the church minister.

It is also thoughtful to send an invitation to some people, even though you know they won't be able to attend, perhaps they live too far away, maybe they’re too elderly to travel, even too ill to attend, it’s still a nice thought to consider them.

If you are inviting children, they should be included on the invitation. You could consider hiring a crèche facility to keep them amused at the reception, and increase the quantities of soft drinks available. Decide if you are going to invite unmarried guests' partners whom you do not know.  In the case of short-term or new relationships, you may feel that it does not really merit a place for the partner at your wedding, especially if you want to keep the numbers down.

If you are not inviting children or certain partners, always make this clear on your invitations by listing only the names of the people whom you are inviting.  It’ll save a lot of confusion later on.