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Make-up has been used for centuries and these days trends change seasonally, to go with fashion trends in the rag trade, and it’s often difficult to keep up.

Most of us use the same products, year in year out, probably because we feel safe with them, but there are some remarkable new products on the market now.  The trouble is what to choose.  Below is a bit of information for you to consider when choosing and applying your make-up.


Always apply after a moisturiser for your skin type. To test for the correct shade, apply a little to the jaw line. If you cannot see it, that’s the shade for you. Very slightly darker is acceptable, but avoid lighter shades or you’ll look ill.

Matte Foundations:  For an easy one-step base, go for a combined powder and foundation in one. These give a smooth even finish, whilst helping to disguise blemishes. Perfect if you want a quick and easy shine-free look in seconds.

Demi-Matte Foundations:  Keep the skin looking slightly more moist but shine free. These help fight the signs of fatigue, leaving your complexion soft, smooth and comfortable all day. A good one should be anti-transferable to clothes.
Lightweight Foundations:  These foundations with light reflectors will add radiance to dry and also mature skin, softening the appearance of fine lines. They leave a youthful, dewy look.

Mineral Foundations:  The latest mineral foundations are fantastic, blending naturally with your skin tones and giving a flawless finish, which will cover blemishes easily. You will not know you are wearing it. You need a special brush, called a Kabuki brush, to apply properly.

Tinted Moisturiser:  Tinted moisturiser gives a sheer natural coverage which evens out skin tone. Perfect for a no make-up look, and for those who don’t want to wear make-up, but feel their skin needs perking up.


Many of us have dark circles under our eyes at some point in our busy lives. Either use a concealer, one shade lighter than your foundation, or try a light diffusing cream wand, which is my favourite.

Apply gently before your foundation, patting to blend in. Carefully blend foundation over the top with your ring finger and Hey Presto! Shadows gone.

It’s worth spending time doing this because it should last all day.


Choose a blusher which goes with your skin tone.  If your skin tone is warm, go for peachy colours.  For cooler skin tones a pink blusher looks better.

Apply a little slightly under the apple of your cheeks, blending onto the cheek bones and then upwards and outwards.

For a sun kissed look, choose a bronzer swept across the cheek bones, where the sun would reach first.

Here's a Little Tip:  To find your skin tone, with a naked face, drape a white towel round your neck. If it makes you look ill, you are probably a warm skin tone.  Now try a cream towel.  This should look better.  If you look better with the white rather than cream towel, you are more likely to be a cool tone.


Eye shadows come in creams or powders and it really depends on which you prefer. Try to choose a non-crease formula. Powder shadows should always be applied using a brush. Always apply a neutral base to the entire lid first.


Avoid lash thickening mascara if you wear contact lenses. For very sensitive eyes, try rubbing an eye pencil through the roots of lashes to colour them before applying mascara, so you don’t have to get too close to the skin and avoid any irritation.

Waterproof mascaras tend to take longer to dry, so try not to blink too much. They are great for occasions when tears may flow.

There are good smudge proof mascaras around which are great for anyone suffering from watery eyes from colds etc.

Lash thickening mascaras can be quite dramatic. They come in one or two steps.  The two step mascaras apply a first white coat which thickens and lengthens.  Allow to dry for a few minutes before applying the next coat of (usually) black mascara.  Combing through the first coat can prevent the lashes clumping together.

Lip Colours

There are so many choices and it is impossible to discuss them all fully.  The choice of creamy, glossy or lip gloss is purely personal.
A WORD OF WARNING - Hygiene is Very Important !

Don’t keep your favourite lipstick for more than a year maximum. Germs can be harboured in that little tube.

The same applies to mascaras, which should be changed regularly at least every 4-5 months.

The majority of eye infections are contributed by old eye make-up.

Cosmetic sponges can also be the cause of nasty eruptions on the skin if not kept thoroughly clean.
(by ‘The Makeup Lady’)