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Whatever your age, knowing your skin and what it needs, is the essence of achieving skin health and condition.  Remember that needs change according to seasonal temperature changes, so regularly review how your skin feels and adapt your skin care products accordingly.

A regular 3 step Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise routine is the foundation for a clear, refined and glowing complexion.

STEP ONE:  Cleanse

The basics of great looking skin, cleansing helps to break down impurities and make-up, decongests pores to keep skin tone even, clear and healthy, and refreshes and revives your complexion.

What to Choose:   Foam, Cream or Oil?  As a general rule dry skin prefers a creamy lotion used without water, whereas oilier skin suits a rinse off cleanser. Remember though, this routine should become a way of life, so choose something which works for you.

STEP TWO:   Tone

Removes last traces of cleanser, make-up and impurities, deep cleans to decongest and minimise pores, refreshes, revives and tightens skin tone and refines the appearance of all complexions.

What to Choose:   Astringent or Soothing?  Unless you have an oily or problem skin, choose an alcohol free, gentler option which will not spoil the delicate balance of the skin, while still refreshing and minimising the pores.

STEP THREE:   Moisturise Day and Night

The essence of soft, smooth, radiant skin, no matter what your skin type you need to moisturise and hydrate your skin.  This helps maintain elasticity, skin health and fitness and nourishes to prevent signs of ageing.

As a general rule a day cream should nourish and smooth the surface layers of the skin, providing a base for make-up which prevents it from being absorbed into the skin or, if the cream is too oily, slipping off the skin.

Night creams are essential to put back what the day has taken out and penetrate deeper into the skin, helping repair damaged cells, restructuring and strengthening the skin.

What to Choose:

Sensitive and Dry skins should stay away from creams that are perfumed and try light creams packed with hydrators which absorb easily to leave skin soft and smooth.

Oily skin types still need to moisturise to keep hydration levels up.  Go for a lotion or very light cream containing vitamin C to keep your skin radiant.

Mature skin needs a slightly richer formula to help plump and reduce wrinkles, and strengthen and firm skin.

(by ‘The Makeup Lady’)